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praiseTime offers a unique music instruction program
praiseTime combines the best features of YouTube with expert guides. It brings together masterteachers, instructors, and students. The curriculum is Bible-based, and contains not only contemporary praise & worship songs but great hymns that have been passed from generation to generation.
Music is part of our daily lives. Music not only entertains us but has the power to heal us, transform us, and inspire us to grow as spiritual, emotional and creative human beings.

According to Dr. Lesley Sisterhen McAllister, Associate Professor of Piano at Baylor University, "there exists in every child a strong imagination, a powerful need to create and a natural, instinctive understanding of rhythm and melody that has been part of every human generation since the beginning of time."

Why a Guitar Program?
The praiseTime program has been created in order to fill a gap in many schools. On one hand some schools are fortunate to have a school band, orchestra, or choir. On the other hand, there are others not so fortunate, and that's where we can help.

Even if your school has a band, you might find some students that don't participate in it for whatever reasons. How do you involve them in musical activities? Do you tell them "I'm sorry, that's all we have"?

What if you ask them "would you be interested in learning guitar? Practicing with friends? Joining a praise band?

You might be surprised at their answers. There's the social aspect of playing guitars that entice many youngsters. They might say "playing guitar is cool." However as a mature person you know that "coolness" is not the ultimate goal in life.

As a music teacher you can not only inspire your students to excel but also establish the foundations of spiritual growth in them. Contemporary Praise & Worship music is all about that. Once students realize that they can make beautiful music and praise our creator their attitudes and focus change.

How Technology Can Be Used
YouTube has become the number one self-teaching tool on the internet. Much of the user-generated content on YouTube is instructional, do-it-yourself material that will teach just about anyone to do just about anything. Want to learn how to knit, snowboard, make enchiladas, or moonwalk? You can find it on YouTube. The success of YouTube has to do with free and easy access; everybody can post videos; users provide comments; it is relatively fast, and displays number of views, which points to the popularity of the videos.

However there are some problems with YouTube. First of all, excess of material. Searching for "guitar lessons" returns about 220,000 videos, "guitar lessons for beginners" 15,400, "Christian guitar lessons for beginners" gives 262. Even more, it is hard to find a guitar curriculum that follows a progressive order.

You can find many introductions to guitar on YouTube but offer no continuity or send you to other websites or present DVDs for sale. For instance you may find some videos from www.learnworshipguitar.com, which are actually pretty good but are geared towards a more mature audience.

Learning by watching videos only might be difficult for young beginner students (ages 7-10). Many students at this age have problems adjusting their fingers to the strings, coordinating left and right hands, keeping up with rhythm, sight-reading, etc. They make mistakes and don't even realize them unless somebody points them out. Students need someone experienced to guide them, such as a parent, relative, friend, or teacher.

An expert guide at the side of the student can find and correct problems on the spot. Hence, the solution might be in combining the best features of YouTube with expert guides. praiseTime does just that and brings together masterteachers, instructors, and students.

How Does It Work
As a teacher discuss with your school administrators the possibility of introducing this program in your school and that you could act a guitar instructor. Then enroll in a guitar workshop provided by a praiseTime Masterteacher. Instructors recruit and teach students in group sessions. They teach the music fundamentals, technique, reading basic musical notation and tabs, basic chords and ensemble playing. Then students practice at home following step by step instructions from the praiseTime website. Every month, instructors send a video of students playing together to the Masterteacher to be evaluated. After evaluating a video, the Masterteacher gives recommendations, detects problems and offers solutions.

If your school cannot offer this program for any reason you might still be able to use it as an independent guitar teacher. Talk to us about it.

Tools and Materials
In order to be successful in this program each student needs a method book provided by praiseTime, access to the Website, a guitar of the appropriate size, tuner, music stand, and a pick.

For the schools: none (just provide facilities for group instruction). For the teachers $99.00 per a 4-hr session. For the students: $9.00 per student per month, plus $11.00 enrollment fee.

Program Goals
  • Provide quality guitar instruction to students unable to afford private lessons
  • Provide an avenue for music instruction for students who do not otherwise enroll in other music classes
  • Teach students basic music notation, tablature, and chords
  • Prepare students to play in praise bands and accompany a congregation
  • Provide an avenue of personal enrichment that can be lifelong

"as a music teacher you can not only inspire your students to excel but also establish the foundations of spiritual growth in them"
"an expert guide at the side of the student can find and correct problems on the spot"